Nordic Traction Inc established

Posted May 7, 2020

Nordic Traction Group has started renewing their distribution model in North America by establishing their own subsidiary in Quebec, Canada.

Earlier our distribution has relied on external partners, but now we have established our own sales company Nordic Traction Inc in Canada. We are building our network of dealers as well as a stock of products to ensure swift deliveries.

Clark Tracks forest machine tracks and OFA forestry and transport chains will be made available from selected equipment dealers, direct from us, the manufacturer, across North America.

Nordic Traction Group is the market-leading manufacturer of traction chains and forest machine tracks. We are the only company in the world with long and comprehensive experience of our own manufacturing of chains and tracks for forestry operations.

We have manufacturing in two locations: tire chains in Loimaa, Finland; and forest machine tracks in Dumfries, Scotland. In addition to Canada, we have sales companies in Sweden and Russia.