Meet the Team

Urban FredrikssonSales

Urban is the market expert in the group. More than 30 years of experience in logging and forestry means Urban is knowledgeable and experienced in assisting customers make the correct choices to maximise their effectiveness in the forest and get the best from their logging equipment.

Over the years he has built up a loyal and trusting customer base that know when Urban has a product to sell, it is only because it is the best in the industry, and he can deliver genuine benefits to his trusting clientele. Urban has chosen to work with Nordic Traction because it shares his values of quality and superior customer service.

He is passionate about seeing great products being used by great people to great effect in the forest.

+1 (0) 844 909 6164

Stewart KellyTracks Expert

Stewart’s knowledge in the application, design, build and metallurgy of forest machine tracks is second to none in the industry. For 15 years Stewart built the brand, Clark Tracks, developed the track models and quality and increased production to more than quadruple the output.

Stewart pushed hard to make Clark Tracks the industry leader offering the best performance in all segments of the track market, along with the longest and hassle-free life. The climbing tracks are some of the most aggressive available, the all-season, all-terrain tracks are the most durable and the flotation range features some of the most soil and environmentally friendly tracks available from any supplier.

His steely determination to be the best and offer the best, along with extensive knowledge and experience in the forest and the factory, make him the Track expert in the group.

Stefan NilssonChains Expert

Stefan has extensive knowledge of chains and their applications. For many years he ran a successful chain distribution business, operating across Scandinavia and building an extensive network of dealers and loyal customers. His entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen make him a trusted expert in traction products. If it does not make economic benefit, Stefan will not recommend it, he values quality, durability, and understands the value of great customer support. Stefan listens to the customers and makes recommendations that he knows will satisfy the most demanding operators, working in the toughest conditions.

Originally from Sweden, but now living in Finland, Stefan knows the harsh realities of living and working in extreme environments. He shows a level of professionalism and customer empathy that can only come from working on both sides of sales; a consumer of tire chains and from building up his own company, he realised the value of being honest and forming long lasting customer relations.