In the far north of Europe, straddling the Arctic Circle, Finland is a picturesque land of snow-covered forests and frozen lakes. In winter, the short days and extreme cold make for some of the toughest survival conditions on earth. The Finn’s are driven to thrive in this harsh, but beautiful environment, they have developed a resilience and inner strength to master these extreme conditions. This is reflected in the way we proudly build our OFA tire chains.

One-hundred years of development, innovation and that steely Finnish tenacity to overcome the elements, results in chains that are as dependable and strong as the people that built them! Our factory features the most up to date chain production equipment and technology anywhere in the world. Our technology, metallurgical excellence and craftmanship are second to none.

When livelihoods depend on the performance of your equipment, to keep you moving safely, only the best will do. OFA tire chains have that strength and resilience to power through the most extreme conditions on Earth. You can be assured in your choice of OFA Tire Chains. 

OFA Tire Chains – Trusted. For a Reason.



Loimijoki Nail Factory founded in Loimaa, Finland


Chain manufacturing commences in Loimaa


Snow chain manufacturing starts


Loimaa chain factory acquired by Fiskars


Chain factory in Loimaa moves to OVAKO Oy


OVAKO develops IB20 high grade boron steel which is optimal steel to the chain factory


Matti W forest chain family launched


OFA Oy Ab acquired Loimaa chain factory and starts focusing on traction chains


Gunnebo acquires OFA Oy Ab and starts centralizing traction chain products to Loimaa


Incorporation of traction business and establishing Nordic Traction Group